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upon the vessel above or below the abscess. The exploring
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spiration from 2 to 5 or 6 inches over forced expiration.
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Describe puerile respiration, and state its causes.
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stimulating substance, reference should be made to Brieger and Uhlenhuth,^
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mination. The oxygen absorbed is represented by anj- change in volume of
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tary tendency. Due to excessive thyroid function. Rapid
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Rest in bed is essential, and easily digested, nutritious foods
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sHewlett, A. W. : Pathologic.; Physiology of Internal Diseases, 1919, pp. 2-9, 11, 47-53
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from their own group or from Group IV. The>' may be used as donors for
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and Japanese technical staff for the construction work, exactly designating their
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of the compound, but a marked and prolonged rise in blood pres^sure following
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of the colorimeters. Although these glass standards are obviously ])ermanent.
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in Gall-stone Formation. Am. Jour. Med. Sci., 1918, clvi, 239.
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anin; hemoglobinemia — contains dissolved hemoglobin. Ab-





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