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wohP modification of the Hecht test, using an alcoholic extract of beef heart as

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Differentiate intestinal colic, uterine colic and renal

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The above points having been mnlimlly determined upon verbally. I have to

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ment. Slight dropsical swellings occur, such as oedema of the feet

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Name the active principles of the digestive secretions

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retarded. The leukocytes show a great increase in number,

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and hardly in any respect different from what is observed in diffuse

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tion of the biochemical products of irradiation, the higher the velocity of

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21. Posterior View of the Parts after Eem oval of the Tumor, . . . 810

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10. The highest percentage of cases, with lyiiipiiocytic infiltration, were

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such, being caught among the granules of the soaps. Thus the antigen gets

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lescents, they leave the sheltering confines of their native town, they will be ex-

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water and acid. In each case the compound showed no signs of solution. Quali-

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Exciting causes: Direct violence, indirect violence, and

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(and theoretically this should be true), that a sei'um which will give just

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sure, the cessation of natural respiration and the utilization of artificial respira-

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has the formula C^.H^N^Og, and, when pure, is a colorless,

prednisone making dog pee in house

Inasmuch as an alkalinity of the blood and tissues is necessary for their nor-

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