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ifiTigerstedt : Lehrbueh der Physiologie des Krieslaufes, 1S93, (General), 127-131 (Dura-

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Evidence as to the Constitutional Origin of Chronic Bright's Disease, . 135

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portion of the muscle itself are now divided in the direction

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chilling. Animal experiments have shown an initial rise, followed, in instances

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has been handed down to us by writers on Indian diseases as a

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show cloudy swelling, fatty metamorphosis, or even necrosis,

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entrance of air into the birth-canal, and occurs in cases of

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clining the tube. Tubes are placed in rack in upright position and trans-

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by 4 cm. and the substernal portion was 9 cm. by 5 cm. The three glands ap-

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the antrum and a positive phase in the sphincter, the length of the latent

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ening of systole may be explained on the basis of an increased heart rate. In

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different artillery brigades, hitherto unexposed to the disease, were in turn

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birth-canal. The symptoms are free escape of blood, pallor,

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a vent the diameter of which diiiiinishcs |)i-ogressively toward tlic pyloric sphinc-

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more localized, enlarged and painful glands are present, there

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tumor over the symphysis, which presents dullness on percus-

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valves, the blood tending to regurgitate into the ventricles

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neither were there any signs of a cold. The cultures from the pharynx were

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Per cent of complement dose 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 50 60 80 100

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as great as the curve shows, for a slight leak in the metal bowl of the tambour

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a ferment. For its production, we require a ferment, moisture,

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murmur is transmitted, the friction sound is localized. The

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No culture from the cases included under this heading developed into a

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are not caused necessarily by direct infective agents. This is said with due

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The serum is now tested to determine its value as antitoxin

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a vent the diameter of which diiiiinishcs |)i-ogressively toward tlic pyloric sphinc-

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vidual whose act or omission causes the nuisance, or by the

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At the best these are vague and unreliable. They consist

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ment which suddenly calls the abdominal muscles into play





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