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The Soci^t^ d'Etude shall make the studies, plans, 8urv^e>^, estimates for the whole

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"From Department of Medicine, Vanderbilt Medical School and Cilv Hospital Laboratory,

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Passive congestion is an increase in the amount of blood in

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from surrounding tissues, to gout, or to infection with pyo-

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sentatives it shall appoint under the provisions of article 1, shall organize the various

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The period of desquamation in scarlet fever usually occurs

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ducing the disease by change in diet, we think that impartial readers will come

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The digested food is carried through the columnar epithe-

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intestinal carcinoma, and that this is especially true of diagnosis in the early

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In 1912 Guggjenheim"' discovered that pituitary extracts caused contraction

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distension of lymphatics by exudate of cells and fluid, regen-

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What are the causes and treatment of palpitation of the

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ernment may thi,nk fit to' 'use for the p'urpose, according' to the amount specified in

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control the disease in camps should forever be forgotten.

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saliva. Groblet-shaped epithelium, found in the mucous mem-

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tremities — symptoms which would readily disappear under appro-

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and generally a considerable quantity of spirits besides. Gout is

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or three times daily, according to the gravity of the patient's

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the entire proceeds will be made in London to the order of the administrator general

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tremely weak and languid as to excite considerable apprehension

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funnel-shaped depression sometimes extending into subcutan-

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that, since the collar of the Order of Saint Michael does not appear,

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titration used by the New York Department of Health Laboratories. They

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fibrous, lined with parietal serous layer, which is reflected

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others are the differences between the weights of the tubes and the tubes plus

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dency to nephritis and otitis media during the later stages.

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cine, immune serum or other similar substance has been developed, greatest

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