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stopcock filled with mercury (li. Fig. S) and the spcuit is in communication
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face from the median line towards the flanks. The hands
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Upon palpation there is increased vocal fremitus. Upon
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if there is no specific aid to protection. Every effort, of course, must be made to
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Phosphorus leaves its chemical combinations in bone and
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toxin-antitoxin. The use of such mixtures was not new, but their application
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the issue has been somewhat confused by certain other effects of chilling. One
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Consists of a double chain of ganglia extending along
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Differentiate white fibrous tissue and yellow elastic
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these adhesions the abscess had opened into the duodenum bj- an opening 2
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by special cells (e. g., endothelial leucocytes), tissues (e. g., lymphoid), and
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20 c.c. of the standard silver nitrate-acidified ferric alum indicator solution* added. The
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or the Ta-Ching Bank has been leoiganized as the State Bank of China and has estab-
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Describe the relations of oxygen to combustion and to
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rate sections of the road is completed, they will be turned over^ by the chief en^neer,
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'Smith, Dawson, and Cohen: Proc. Soc. Exp. Biol. Med., 192(1, xi ii, 211.
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nine months. The lirth, nine months after (niset. li;id been in tlie hospital for
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Willan and Bateman's Eight Orders of Skin Diseases, .... 936





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