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about to be performed. After normal labor no douche is re-
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the indications obtained from the physiological action of that bever-
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including very small capillary hemorrhages as from finger puncture to very
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or twice daily. In the use of these remedies, constipation and nar-
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lurium and chlorine, (d) Sulphur, oxygen, (e) Sodium.
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downward on the expiratory, — this permits both the flutter-valves to hang
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and corpuscular elements, resembling chyle or Ij^nph, and consist-
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tiveness for each specimen of blood, in our opinion, goes a long way toward the
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albumen, yet it is sometimes entirely absent in the later period of
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low-lying districts, nor in localities which from the geolog-
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At postmortem the colon was found involved the entire length. There were
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dividualized. Greater refinements in the technie of radiotherapy and new
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in the pulmonary pressure but had only a slight effect on the carotid pressure.
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maniacal, the pulse is full and strong, the skin is hot and dry,
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extract ; low teraperatui'e ; contact with living vascular walls ;
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air and sunlight within the building, facility of administra-
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Fiu'therniore, this test has all of the added advantages pointed out by
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son-in-law, Mr. Efroim Sehaehter, age thirty-one, left their home in a small
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est improvement, the goiter itself and the exophthalmus are the last to dis-
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What serious results may ensue from indiscriminate use





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