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The Wassermann test icith complement fixation at 37.5° C. with eholcstcrolised

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stomach should show a constant relation in the distribution of the meal during

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in which a portion of the stomach was resected the lymph nodes were involved,

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and 1,356 points above the average normal. The average time for complete

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developed a most persistent and harassing cough. Besides the usual medica-

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Psoriasis. Afl:'ects extensor surfaces. Rounded circum-

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fallopian tube may be seen. Prolapse of the uterus is to

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loan proceeda, with accrued interest, should not b© suflicient to complete the con-

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become his assistant, rather than his master. The critical problem of the next

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good effect by breaking up the cellulose covering of the starch

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woman of fifty-four. The other was a lipoma 2 cm. in diameter projecting into

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pulse, constipated bowels, scanty urine, loss of appetite, universal

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than aeration at low temperature, but even at ordinary room temperature

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sclerotic and choroid coats of eyeball to nasal side of posterior

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blood are but indications of the gouty condition, they nevertheless

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Meninges. — The cerebrospinal fluid is usually in moderate excess and the

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and Navarre are displayed within oval escutcheons encircled by

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Tn 1886 Hofmcister and Schiitz- studied the excised and bloodless stomach

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report means that the test is 50 per cent positive; a one-plus {+), that it is 25

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as meat, may be permitted. Williamson admits that this form of treatment fails





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