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Neufeld and Handel: Kolle and Wassermann 's Handb. d. Pathogencn Mikroorgan., 1912, iv,

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Mention the properties of (a) hydriodic acid, (b) hydro=

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of Caria. One of them wears a Polish bonnet, which recalls the fact

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spots from the clothing was placed in a sterilized test tube together with 2

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to the laboratory Feb. 27, 1920. The animal was very thirsty and drank a large

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engagement perfect flexion causes the trachelobregmatic and

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of the stopcock and to the upper end of the control tube. All the connections

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mains with the serum, may safely be considered negligible.

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also a slight widening of the aortic dullness. There was a loud systolic murmur to be heard

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3. Tnis loan shall he a first charge u|>on the security of the permanent way, rolling

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material, plant, and goods required to be imported from abroad. From this catesorv

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their action, and allow the intestine to return to normal contractions before

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antecedent history of rheumatic fever may help the diagnosis

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supply if we had no typhoid vaccine, on the theory that we had no specific im-

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in the legs, accompanied by tenderness on pressure, with pain. They caused

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Chinese Minister in London or Berlin, as the case may be, shall seal and execute

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