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used as a group reagent, precipitating a number of metals
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any substance which will cause rapid intravascular clotting of the blood,
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with weak solutions of alum and other astringents are some-
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for softening and removing callous tissues, as a disinfectant,
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Bilirubin, the principal bile pigment, CieHigNsOg, is a
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strait, and follows the curve of the sacrum. The greater its
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At the fifth month the face is wrinkled and senile, the hair
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Director General of Chinese Railways, has decided to contract a State 5 per cent
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They show not only the main events in the Virgin's life but the
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the baked blood plates for B. influenza; were omitted and that the vestibule of the
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forehead. At first, nostrils plugged, breathing through mouth; later, breathing through nose,
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cases of Bright's disease have dyspeptic symptoms been present for
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163. SUMMER. Designed by Jean Lurfat in 1939; woven by Goubely
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proved {Archives Gen. de Med., 1865), that the pulsations of the ex-
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shallow. The jjreliminary fall of mucous memlir.nie ti'iii|ii'rnturc from 1:09 to 1:10.5 was





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