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to stand from 10 to 12 hours in which time digestion of the tenacious mass was

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were sold by the following firms: Hynson, Westcott and Dunning, Baltimore;

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Name the active principles of the digestive secretions

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produced by our amboceptor removal method, is practically negligible. Al-

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anaemic constitutions, or those which are enfeebled from any cause.

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rings; its," floor " is formed by transversalis fascia meeting

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theatres, business offices, and possibly other places could use this method if

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surface of the i-ib ; aiitei-iorly it occupies the upper part of

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fluences mentioned first by inspecting the records of each school by itself

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Fats are compounds of the radical glyceryl (C3H5) with

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istered in small amounts, potassium iodide given in doses of

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The official preparations are aqua ammoniae, aqua ammoniae

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parts and permit one to change the pyrogallate without disconnecting the

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principal constituent is a sulphuretted volatile oil; it also

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descent by the heat due to the combination of oxygen with

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teenth century, in the Metropolitan Museum. The Arthur of this set has been shown

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with palpitations of the heart. If coma or delirium supervene, a

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tral portions about the main bronchi near the hilum of the organ, from which

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Hold cold white surface, as piece of porcelain, in flame — a





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