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solved in water of the temperature of 98° Fahr. The patient

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tention to the low incidence of influenza in tuberculosis sauatariums, but

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Br. Fuller believes the poison of rheumatism to be identical with

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of fluid by mouth in pre-operative cases is strongly indicated by the experi-

prednisone brand india

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made to move the face (to show the teeth or laugh) marked

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Holmes and Jlerrill found decided improvement in most of their cases

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Absolute rest of body and mind. Doreal decubitus. Ice

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being often had from their employment* (Garrod, Nature and Treat-

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It is contra-indicated in acute inflammatory affections of

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ride, there is no apparent reaction, but if the hydrogen stearate (stearic acid)

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most virulent. They state, also, that the degree of protective power developed

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from 31 to 50 square feet, and was usually less than 40 square feet.

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within the cerebral substance (internal hydrocephalus) or

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delirium, coryza, nausea, jaundice, albuminuria, dryness of throat, air-hunger,





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