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posterior root of the zygoma. The chisel is to be directed

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points of view, from that of the clinician, the bacteriologist, the immunolo-

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organs, so that the anemia seems the distinctive feature of the

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patient on an absolute milk diet. Some of the alkaline min-

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amount of uric acid excreted in the urine was determined for the third twenty-

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polypi and chronic empyemata conduce to the contraction and exacerbation of

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period. There were special prayers which were repeated by the Brahmin priests

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tlie serum returns to its normal standard, or even exceeds it; some-

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parations, except in the pill and in the camphorated tincture.

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ducer," and was given because of the saline character of

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technic will never be sufficient to raise a negative serum into the zone of par-

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the treatment of rheumatism; but many other remedies have also

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use of cold water, the practice is as old as Harvey, and subse-

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