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ence of Dootlili.N and Sandiford' in the clinical ap|)lication of the test. Their ar-

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extraction of the placenta, or high forceps application, or in

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The bile is formed in the liver. Bile neutralizes the acid

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A bland diet should be given and the alkaline mineral waters

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second week and then with great caution. The patient should

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glyceryl trinitris. It is valuable in certain forms of cardiac

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2KeU, N. h": Tlie Complement-FLxation Test for Syphilis, U. S. Public Health Reports,

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tions where there is proper discipline and sufficient skilled help. The conditions

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very marked sensibility ; in dogs and fowls less ; still, in all animals the capsules are

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Describe the therapeutic uses of the preparations of

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are present in the plasma of the circulating blood. The question arises as to

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Wiirdtnl til tlif hiliiii-iitoi-y witli tlic Njicciiiicn : tlic laboratory repoi't is wi'itteii

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Ectasis or Aneurismal Dilatation of the Pulmonary Artery

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given as an emetic in doses of 0.250 Gm. (4 grains), and as a

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creased in intensity with the decrease in the weight of the body,

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and the muscles supplied by the ulnar nerve are, as a rule,

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9. Dyspnoea is one of the earliest and most pathognomonic phe-

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The cephalic presentations include the vertex, face, bregma

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as mercury and iodine, the former is endowed with the power

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one 4 cm. in diameter that had a base of yellow or brown dead tissue, with the

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but its successful employment presupposes a considerable technical skill with

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The wine of the root oi colchicum is generally the form preferred,

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i2Luekhardt, A. B. ; Phillips, H. T., and Carlson, A. J.: Am. Jour. Pliysiol., 1919-1920, 1, 57.

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the arterial pressure raised by stimulation of the vasomotor

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is false), that it may produce blood-poisoning, that constitu-

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as in P. S. 147, is associated with less respiratory illness than naturally ven-

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ing fluid ?* It is, unfortunately, the supra renal capsules only which

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siticide. Internally it is of value as an expectorant in chronic

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Alcoholic fermentation is the decomposition of a sugar by

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fixation than the warm water-bath. They are each approximately five times

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hydroxide of cadmium with the formation of a clear yellow solution. The

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