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porting vessels and uriniferous tubules, arranged as cortex

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during the late second and third stages of labor and after

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(a) Available baLice at the credit of the construction account concerned on date of

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tion" is impaired, the thumb remaining extended by the side

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of units of complement that the anticomplementary serum will absorb. This

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ring during the last 2 or 3 weeks of pregnancy, which usually

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superior, middle and inferior hemorrhoidal arteries; is be-

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vein of a small dog. This produced an obvious fall in both the pulmonary and

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[Mortality of Pneumonia under different Plans of Treatment, . 744, 745]

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the essence of the disease consisted in an increase of the colorless

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malpighian bodies, while venous spaces (intralobular veins)

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Insemination is the deposit of the semen within the vagina

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America 12^day┬╗ before their due dates if the Imperiiil Chinese Government should

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side when the lieiniilytie system is adih-il in the final step of tiie Wasseriiianii

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What is the normal reaction of (a) saliva, (b) bile?

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vegetable fiber. The absorption of a liquid by blotting-paper.

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typical diabetic reaction. This suggests to O'Hare that these cases are potential

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Joseph stands in the background, holding a candle, and shepherds

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and with similar results ( Transactions of Med. Soc. of London, Jan.

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An arterio-venous aneurysm is either an aneurysmal varix

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goiter and in 8 cases of prolonged treatment he observed marked improve-

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weight of one volume of a substance as compared with the

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"pylorus" opens for the ejection of chyme with the arrival at the pyloric sphmc-

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spectator. The queen mother, Anne of Austria, is in the tribune at

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Differentially diagnose phimosis and gonorrhea from

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for between four and five months they developed scurvy. The development of this

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consular service, largely at least, in protecting itself from infection from

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It is a cerebral and spinal sedative and powerful hypnotic,

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Hamilton considers that our results were unusual and exceptional, and

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tion of the biochemical products of irradiation, the higher the velocity of

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