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'T'HE methods in common use in the student laboratory for the proiluction
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in a sense of discomfort or fulness in the pelvis, sacral pains,
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ble. The pupils are equal and often dilated. The skin is
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little warm sweet oil may be dropped into the meatus several
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soft in consistency, made up of lobules held together by con-
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group infected with tubercle bacilli. Each of the three pigs in pen "B" re-
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chlorate, KCIO3 ; chloride, KCl ; sulphate, K2SO4 ; bl-carbon-
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That cholesterinized extracts must be controlled by less sensitive anti-
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in 1892 that administration by mouth accomplishes the same purpose, this woman
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Causes: Urethritis (usually gonorrheal), traumatism, strict-
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injected, which produced a further dilatation. It will be noted that vagal
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serve the condition of the major portion of the sample? The answer seems to
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obliterated in part or throughout its entire length. The use
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the methods of preparation used by the author in making the heavy metal
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value (Gaerod). Dr. Flint says: "From a limited trial of this
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■depression. There is frontal headache, ptyalism, a saline taste
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thought not to have been directly traumatized, but of course we cannot ex-
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Comp;iring (1) The Wasseniiann tost witli i-diiipli'iiu'iit fixatimi in tlio «ator-batli for thirty
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findings is one that properly belongs to the medical trained laboratory worker
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lution and place in boiling water 6 minutes. Place tubes in cold water until
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and designated as Group I or known as our tuberculous controls. These pigs
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the helicotrenia to the perilymph of the scala tympani, and
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tissues. (2) The passage of glucose from the intestine into
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muscle. Heart is lined with endocardium. Pneumogastrics
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capillaries and then by the portal vein to the liver. Here a
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no fewer than six. More recent observers — for example, Frerichs,
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after the primary infection — leads to abscess formation without healing.
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Brown and Pearce have approached experimentally, for the purpose of dis-
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2 were completely cured and 5 showed marked improvement. Twenty-fo\ir others
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tion shown in Fig. 3 that, after injection of lung extract and extensive intra-
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ease. Where the antitoxin is used the death rate is mucli
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modern treatment of this condition is surgical, the best results
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is collected into an evaporating glass jar to which the fluid portion collected
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What antidote should be employed in a case of strych-
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detailed study of the constitution of these preparations, or to prepare those
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