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only as much as will effect that object, remembering that further

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"The first purchase of radium by any State marks a step in the health

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and although its mode of preparation had not l)een published be-

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quent in that command than in the West Indies, where the con-

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of the blood may be iuei-eased by diet also that a cholesterol increase results

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communicates with the external air. Such a fracture may

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Hundred Years' War; the word "Peace" appears several times in

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sutured together the nostrils become as nearly symmetrical

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phorus in Lot B is perhaps as instrumental in influencing the growth of the

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acid. It is apt to produce the symptoms of carbolic acid

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concerns itself solely with the question of metabolism in pellagrins. Their

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ally, by hooking them niider the structure, while the optic nerve is held to

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arc set up in the part nearest the fundus (preantral contractions) and are

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down in the centrifuge. The clear supernatant fluid is decanted into a clean dry beaker and

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For convenience of description the disease is divided into

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(a) Diabetes mellitus, acute nephritis, fever, loss of water

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influenza, an incidence of 1 in 111.1 of the command and an influenza case in-

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1 strain or 4.03% could not be classified (irregular).

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every doubtful case, whilhci- of syphilis or what-not, will be the subject not

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wohl test with both plain and cholestcrolized antigen 4

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In a clearing of the forest the king holds in leash the hound that

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Diagram of the Typical Range of Temperature in Cases of (Quotidian Ague, . 487

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tissues, especially in the muscular and glandular tissues.

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'I'alile III gives the original and acute gross brain lesions.

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of which express percentage of saturation of the tissues with rays, and the

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Inflammation may extend by continuity, by contiguity,

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pearance, caused by the deposition of a dark, reddish-yellow matter,

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Group II Pigs (Infected with Human Tuberculosis and Treated)

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the lanugo begins to disappear from the face, the eyelids are

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Although the records which I have presented do, to a certain degree,

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-'-"Gray, H.: Blood Fat in 131 Diabetic Bh.ods, Boston Med. .in.l Surg. .lour.. liUS:, clxxviii,

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solution until the magenta color of the solution is destroyed.





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