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lat^'ral branch; 4. A diseased condition of the arterial wall;
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fraction retains a great part of the antigenic element, though it is less specific.
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lard, petrolatum, etc. They are intended for application to
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(c) sulphuric acid, (d) hydrochloric acid, (e) carbonic an =
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during more than a year of cultivation. A mycelium-producing, or bacillus,
At the left side of the record, the right vagus was stimulated. This pro-
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casts and renal cells. Red cells numerous and pale. Lumbar
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two and seven years of age. Tubercular process elsewhere in
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to the interpretation of the contnct, the En^Usn text shall be accepted as standard.
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importance. This function will be considered in a future paper. Sufficient
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What are hemic murmurs as applied to the heart, and
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Fig. 6 shows a profound and lasting rise in pulmonary pressure following
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carotid tracing shows that extensive intravascular clotting occurred within
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were made upon every series of animals used in the experiments for several
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to give an anesthetic, as these parts are exceedingly sensi-
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large camps. Separation was here a marked factor. In the large camps of the
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Pathology. — The term ancemia literally means absolute deficiency
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On the contrary, Hamilton's results seem to us exceptional and to re-
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Mention the pathogenic bacteria that invade the vagina,
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historic hangings, which will be shown in the Museum for fourteen
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been employing AVassermann tvibes ranging in thickness from 0.025 to 0.075 of
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species of Pinus, natural order Coniferae; Terebinthina cana-
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in addition to that of the source. References are printed to be of help in
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patient to the irritant effects of the ether, but soon it should
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cachexias, and these inflammatory aflections will run their course
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Hot fomentations should be applied over the lower part of
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sembles a nueleu.s, although it is possible that it is the starting of the spore.
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(b) Gives off products of combustion, burns up O, and gives
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Explain the process of manufacturing sulphuric acid on
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per cent, of alcohol, has present also compound aromatic





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