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Small or therapeutic doses increase the pulse rate and the
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By stages: 1. Local tissue irritation, usually from the pres-
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chloride gave complete stoppage of respiration, an initial increase in spleen
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chronic pyelitis astringents are indicated, such as acetate of
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three remedies which have been most generally made use of in
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attention to the subject, I repeat, with much confidence, that the
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tracing. When the circular musculature of the gut was well contracted an
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tomb while, above, angels sing felix Roma; in the background,
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of a healthy cat seven drachms of a solution of lactic acid, with two
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hhould not suffice to cover these expenses, the Imperial Chinese Railway Co. should,
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(internal oblique, transversalis) for outer third; posterior,
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the water and salts; (b) medulla. — containing the convoluted
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that at some future time it may revert to the usual virulence of the disease."
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nontubercnlous unless the disease is far advanced, but that pulmonary tuber-
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another method of therapy. His experience appears to have been chiefly
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cultures upon various mediums. For the former he used 0.05 N sodium hj'droxide
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Rest, tonics, strychnia, and, later, electricity are useful-
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The atomic weight of an element is the relative weight oi
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and the external condyle of the humerus simultaneously
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research problems, progress, laboratories, equipment, methods, publications, per-
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puberty it appears as chlorosis in the female ; in adult life it is not
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boric acid, salicylic acid, formaldehyde, chromates) ; gela-
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patients. The sera from the nonluetic patients reacted negatively to all tests.
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quently the rate^ of in,ter<:«t of 4 per cent, together with all the .general ©xponece, is
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the epidermis are continually being shed as a fine white powder. The hair is





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