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In opposition to these views, which hold that Brighfs disease is

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Levin^ has reported upon the examination of 1,783 unselected persons in

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morbid change: it is secondary to more remote morbiflc action,

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of sulphuric acid on potassium nitrate. How is nitric acid

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Another feature we have noted in our experiments is that, after repeated

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flow is also greatlj' decreased in the development of, during and after shock.

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The bath should be taken to obtain personal cleanliness, as

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less easily controlled, had an influenza incidence of 18.3 per cent among the

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of the intercostal nerves. It is increased by pressure. In

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Hegar's softening of the lower uterine segment, darkening

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What is the significance of the patellar reflex as a sign

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Dermoid cysts are found in the ovary, in the testicle, in the

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Simple tears of the fourchet do not require suturing. Inter-

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All of the patients showed a slight decrease in the carbon dioxide capacity of

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of the red cells to sapotoxin solutions between the washed and the unwashed

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the administration of a dram of ergot as soon as the head is

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On what physiologic action does the therapeutic use of

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mere fact that such reactions do occur cannot be considered valid evidence

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pilocarpine, aconite and cocaine. Ecbolics : ergot, oil of rue,

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Base corresponds to upper level of third costal cartilage,

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extra-uterine pregnancy, cysts of various kinds, psoas and

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are represented by the birds and animals in the central medallion

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the lungs with a .solution of arsphenamine dihydrochloride in physioUjgical salt so-

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?i!S!k2L^ '"^^ trtiwwi, «d ^nther troitiim ^■ptcially sent iSr^Eiirope or

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strains, or at least the hydrogen-ion concentration did not fall within the methyl

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The demonstration that cutaneous chilling causes reflex vasoconstriction





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