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anemia with iron. Diuretics when necessary. Symptomatic

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in the Cluny Museum, one in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston,

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and after the patient has been cleaned he should apply the

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the entire scalp should be shaved. All foreign substances are

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The x-ray or radium ray will destroy the thymus gland in a short time.

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tibia, is attached to inner semilunar cartilage ; external lateral

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this into a yellowish-white opaque matter ; and afterwards a soften-

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8. The terms of this preliminary agreement will, immediately after signature, be

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normal people studied at the same time and under identical culture conditions

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capsule will interfere with its functional activity with the

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Bushnell says further, "The subject may die of an extension of his dis-

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By John- B. Ekeley, Ph.D., Sc.D., Boulder, Colorado

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be given a four-hour fixation period in the ice box, since we employ this mode of

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potassium pyrogallate covered with a 2 cm. layer of petroleum oil, which pro-

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3. Withdrawal of blood samples a few minutes later in which the concen-

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distributed in endemic form during the interepidemic period. If one will but

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ture assumes a ruby-red color. Acidify with galacial acetie

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occur in a healthy tube. Tubal diverticula may produce it.

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The Pulse in Mitral Regurgitation, . . . . . . . . . 597

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tion of liquids and conduction of heat to the .surface from deeper tissues are all

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Bland Sutton into sequestration dermoids, tubulo-dermoids,

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bowels be not moved. Twenty-four hours are to elapse before the

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4. Each animal iti this grouj) lost an average of 7 grams (whicli is not considered an

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ton to twelve grams of fresh carrots given daily is sufficient to promote normal

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resected portions of the stomach. The location and relative size of the gastric

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<msly affecting the heart ; and the production of a persistently

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Epinephrin, through its accelerator stimulation, produces so marked a se-





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