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sions in mucous membrane of roof, largest of which, just
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Give the chemical name of iodoform. How is iodoform
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coal and distil, receiving the resultant phosphorus vapor
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Or, dilute the urine with a measured quantity of water and
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draining; by planting trees like the eucalyptus, which require
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and pectoralis major ; rectus abdominis and diaphragm are
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It is detected — (a) by inoculating guinea-pigs with some
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and if for any reason the flow of Ijile from tlie ducts is hindered, the liver is no
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Dislocations are characterized by more or less immobility,
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of such bacteria in case no blood or urinary bacteriemia is found at the time
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ment of peculiar local affections in connection with gout. For ex-
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eral Paralysis, Physical Examination of the Chest, Acute Pulmonary
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mucous membrane (as in the new-born) it may yield to
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method of Schneider (1850). The suboxide was suspended in an alkaline
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Fig. 2. In this case a small rubber balloon (finger cot) filled with water was
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riorly by " cushion '" of [)harynx. Tube is foi-med by tem-
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mation of the brain or of the investing membranes is one of the
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this position were needed, we have it in the foul breath, the loaded
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upon this disease : " I have always believed that the solution of the
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-Diseases of the Skin and the Eruptive Fevers, W. B. Saunders Co., Philadelphia. 1917.
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tion. The diet should be absolutely liquid. Water plenti-
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The feces contain 70 to 80% of water. Of the solid mat-
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about half full of warm s'llt solution (to dilate the bladder) and a tube, pass-
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or feebleness of the pulse. Withdraw the anesthetic, lower
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Plasmodium malarias will in all cases lead to a correct diag-





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