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direct a jet of oxygen upon the phosphorus; the latter will

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In a scrotal hernia a portion of the abdominal cavity is, so

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fibrous tissues in particular, visiting and quitting them with a vari-

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some instances actually becoming hyperemic on rewarming (Grant, Mudd and

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moved by washing in a solution of sodium hyposulphite.

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the development of shock from even very severe muscle injury could be pre-

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I have here reef)rded the Aveight of each of 61 hearts (Table U. The min-

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in certain skin diseases, in pernicious anemia and in neuralgia.

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civilian communitv without material modification, except, perhaps in industrial

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At 0° C, reaction strong in both Groups II and III but not so rapid as at room tem-

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blood pressure is observed. After constriction of the lungs by the arecoline,

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bladder, and before the bladder is distended with the boric

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ailure to make payment at any one date be due to causes beyond the control of the

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as .stimulation of the sympathetic ; and alternate stimulation of the two, makes

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is collected into an evaporating glass jar to which the fluid portion collected

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Fahr. By noon of the same day it fell to 101.4°. It rose slightly

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elements. In bones, absorption of oseous tissue, and cer-

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108th Ammunition Train, the 108th Trench Mortar Battery and the 108th

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chiefly for its alterative effect. In the form of Lugol's solu-

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reflex causes, such as intestinal worms, eye strain, nasal dis-

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then rolaxcs and remains ([uiet until a .si'contl positive phase is well initiated in

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their recital would make tedious what has been intended to serve as a brief

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Definition. — A special morbid state in which there is either a relative

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joint bodies. The bones making up the joint become more

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CO, gas. Such waiters are useful as sedative and slightly

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water issued from the dog's .stomach in such a manner as to indicale a dependence





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