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that a pregnant woman will in some instances give a negative Wassermann re-

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bladder, consists of special thickening of stomach wall pro-

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Outline the general treatment of acute articular rheu=

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upon heart and vessels at its base, constituting the visceral

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the use of copper sulphate as antidote and emetic, magnesia

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^"Robertson, O. H. : A Study of the Hemolytic Activity of the Spleen in Pernicious Anemia.

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the institution of antisyphilitic treatment, though conservatism demands that

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indicus, dose 1-100 to 1-20 grain. Creosote is a product ob-

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to bring back the articular or heart affection in all its pristine in-

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the enclosed air; leaks in or out of the apparatus, incomplete absorption of

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dency to the deposition of the urate of soda, — a discovery we owe

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Glycerine is prepared from fat, as a by-product in the

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thyroidism; second, the possibility of telangiectasis and atrophy in the re-

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superficial layer of the deep cervical fascia. The clavicular

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Lesions of the Heart apt to be attended by Angina Pectoris,

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tered subcutaneously, gave a yield of .0077 grams of lead. There was therefore

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THE subject of hemolysis lias received much attention both from the ex-

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heart and was summarilT rejected from duty. This murmur was not known to him before

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greatly in percentage there is nevertheless definite suggestion of a close re-

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between our (!roup 1 (tulxTculous controls) and oni- Grou]) II (treated ])igs

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These are superior and inferior longitudinal, straight, two

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way related to the clotting of the animal's blood is indicated by the change

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Define the third stage of labor, and state how it should

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ourselves justified in having stopped further work with this method and

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By R. G. Owen, M.D., and Roth Gregg, Detroit, Mich.

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less, of cooling saline taste and a neutral reaction, dose 1 Gm.

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Venesection, calomel combined idth purgatives, and ojnum, are the

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The face presentations are : 1. Left mento-anterior, L. M.

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Aw. 24. In order to secure a wide distribution of the biwida tli« Kattir 1.^11 1.-. •





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