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to the treatment, and other circumstances noticed in the former
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generally. As such, it has been largely used by my colleagues,
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would give countenance to this notion. At all events, the subject
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should have on hand the various drugs and instruments, as
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of variation. The a\erage time for complete hemolysis to occur in a 1:13,000
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with a certain amount of external rotation. The two inner
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of the nature of ]iroteins solul)le in alcohol (that are usually found in ordi-
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round, coronary, right and left lateral; fissures are five in
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as under natural conditions, slight variations of systole and diastole occur also
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mal amount as the disease advances, and only becomes considerable
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Ferric hydrate is used as an antidote for arsenic. Give
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number of attacks than in the army ; the number jjer thousand an-
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antrum is well along on its phase of relaxation. Further, our tracings show
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best quality; the management of the road has the right to refuse to accept materials
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of breaking up newly-deposited fibrin and disorganizing
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ventive medicine and the welfare of the community than the effects of chilling-
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Define insemination and state the conditions necessary
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What is the chemical change which occurs in the making
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tive of unusual quantities of fibrine in the blood, and which tend to
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the well may take advantage of their ordinary duties and pursuits without the
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the susceptibles are not subjected to the same danger of infection. The separa-
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called chromic acid. This occurs in reddish crystals, soluble
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ulable substance into the tubules, and signify renal irritation
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stimulation, by producing the condition in animals by damage to the muscles
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the retina. It is generally due to a shortening of the an-
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for example, ether, ethyl bromide, etc. And again, it would scarcely be ex-
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In cephalic presentations palpation externally reveals the
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the infiuenee (if alxliiiiiinal anil gastric incisions upon tiic gastric inolility. It
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factors in determining infection is often of great importance. Furthermore





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