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and the Louvre in Paris and in the National Library in Madrid.
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the results were applied to cases with spinal fluids which were actually bloody
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terials in the tissues. It consists of anabolism, or upbuilding,
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is turbid, blood being present. The specific gravity is from
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to 45 minutes at the same temperature, whereupon readings are taken and
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Bryonia is a pure irritant, setting up local inflammation
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course, the reactions elicited, which may be regarded as confirming the spu-
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(c) sulphuric acid, (d) hydrochloric acid, (e) carbonic an =
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action which are consistent with physical vigor, and with
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In such cases the elements of the lymphatic glands prevail in the
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Twelve experiments were performed. Of the five observers who noted the
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of its own group or those of Group IV. Members of this group may receive
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similar to those of the alkali metals. Its relation to ammonia,
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contused or compressed. The ileo-feraoral ligament is un-
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fi'om the large pipe to the inspiratory valve; this is for the purpose of trap-
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add a few drops of nitric acid, when, if the urine does not
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Chemically, oxygen supports combustion, does not bum, is
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of being easily burned up for the maintenance of the heat
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the Townships of Torch Lake and Schoolcraft in Houghton County, Michigan.
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workers believe, for example, that the administration of salvar.san or neosal-
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We see here a wide field for future exploration, especially in dis-
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heart, apoplexy, or from the accideuts to which helplessness and
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admitted as influenza suspects and 368 were diagnosed influenza. The remainder
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T^ OLIN AND McELLROy have described a titration and a colorimetrie
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By cataphoric application of a remedy is meant the in-
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claim the interest of the horticulturist. As previously recounted, this same
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stones into the duct that the symptoms of hepatic colic arise^
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sthenic gout they are unnecessary; and are contraindicated in ad-
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Naegele rule is to count back 3 months from the date of the





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