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the cow, or boiled, without adding anything to it, except perhaps a

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chemical reactions and are preparing our compounds accordingly. The tran-

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In a similar series studied in ^'M)'^ by the same anllior. only 44 per cent were

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"Wood, that it is not so much the particular variety of alcoholic

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and sometimes in the young of both sexes before the complete development

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In simple, uncomplicated cases occurring in those in pre-

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lipins, which they state to be from 50 to 100 units in complement-fixing value.

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and not in the scrotum, as was formerly practiced. About

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dark room. When my flash light has been too weak 1 luiv.' secured my lighting by

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(15 minims) ; (b) digitalis, the dose of the infusion is 8 Cc.

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of chaulmoogra oil we used were found to he nontoxic as shown ity the fact

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symptoms of shock the blood volume ranged from 51 to 85 per cent of normal

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a reduction from the average normal of 1,126 points. Eight cases of anemia

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chronic eczema. Internally, salicylic acid is of the greatest

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pound to be used for this purpose. The fact that the free acid salts of

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color disappears inside of 10 minutes the water is probably

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expression of any existing state of immunity than as evidence of the presence

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expiration of a definite period after the date of borrowing, as

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series of conditions which may not obtain in another place and

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received 0.25 gms., 0.5 gms. and 1 gm. of dried egg, albumen intravenously at

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preference the mamma and the uterus; nor why rheumatism aftects

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Why is the use of ether as an anesthetic contra=indi-

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Aniillicr method of i'liccl<ing Iienniglobin standards has lieen suggested by

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articular troubles ; the skin is hot and dry, the tongue furred, and

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pressure and in atheromatous degeneration of the arteries

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water to liquefy them ; if more water be added a turbid mix-

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^hen the loan has been fully repaid this agreement will immediately become null





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