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The development of the ulcers, it might be rea.soned, followed embolic plug-

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There develops a much higher concentration of red blood cells in the blood

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ing, more noticeable on expiration. It is normal before

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cosis (pulmonary mucor mycosis) described by Furbinger. and referred to

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lation which adrenaline bears to the spasmodic contraction of the bronchioles in

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perature reaching 105° F., the pulse full and bounding, with

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of the scapula, shows that mitral regurgitation has taken

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the fullest extent of their practical capacity. They are pathologists but they

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in answering questions ; all her actions are slow and are performed with difficulty.

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was found to 1ic appi-oxiinatciy tliat ol)tained by diluting one part of whole

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TJis Mreemeiit la made at PeMBg on the twenty-second day of the fourth month

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Stage of reaction: Symptoms of septic traumatic fever,

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tion to their (luantity. ('onse<iuently Noguchi devised a niethod l)y whiidt In'

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acted on by xanthinoxidase produce uric acid. Ham, veal

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Give the formula of (a) common (ethyl) alcohol, (b)

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Geddes, Malcomson). In some recorded cases the pulse has fallen

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Rosenau: Preventive Medicine and Hygiene, New York, 1920, D. Appleton & Co., 195.

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acute infection. We have long known that measles predisposes to tuberculosis.

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and Nagayama that infundibular extracts contain not one, but two, depressor

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the rise followins' the second injection, would suti^cst the possibility that the

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several places to relieve tension. Should this measure fail,

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nel for compensation Avere divided. For technical reasons, however, no attempt

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Or — (b) by staining spread smears of suspected material

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the .Minister of Communication, o7thrrv,;„o!„i?P'r • r ^^ immediately notify

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of service. It is far less efficacious in the weak and nervous than

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amebffi were not deep in the wall. The submueosa was swollen and contained

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of the same Journal, p. 374 ; (4.) A reply by Dr. Bennett to the

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must be put absolutely at rest, surrounded by blankets and

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out arachnoid. Adjacent degeneration of nervous substance

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forced to conclude, therefore, that the vasoconstriction and ischemia reflexly





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