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myocarditis, endocarditis. Graves' disease, latent syphilis and neurasthenia de-

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tative purposes, to the director general of Chinese Railways.

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similar to those of the alkali metals. Its relation to ammonia,

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calcium salts are present, into the insoluble fibrin. The

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at Brussels will be given by the Waiwupu to the minister of Belgium in Peking.

prednisone for sale

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brigade had the virulence of the infecting agent and the resistance of the

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bleeding, says, " I am abundantly convinced, from much experience,

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of the toxin vial into the saline, and tested some 200 children, .\1miu1 SO of these

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ure of the glottis, which may remain closed from several sec-

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indurated (induration shades off into surrounding tissues) ;

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Art. YI. If at any time after the lapse of 10 years from the date of the loan the





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