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poison (e. g., typhus, scarlatina, typhoid fever)." This view of the
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more or less constant. Even in relatively stagnant humid air, the fluctuations
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foreign gold loan, of a nominal value of 112,500,000 francs (or 4,500 ,0(X) pounds sterling).
scribed above, arc separated fnini the metal tip by a single strip of adhesive
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(c) paronychia. Give the treatment for each disease.
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Make a differential diagnosis of coma from injury, apo=
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esters. His interesting findings have naturally caused the medical profession
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abdominal pain of increasing severity which is often paroxy-
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in the legs, accompanied by tenderness on pressure, with pain. They caused
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termined. The dogs were given sodium liicarbonate and tlie rise in Ihr alkali
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with a common ion, and the effect of these compounds upon parasites,
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has reached a stage of rest. Toward the end of this phase another impulse,
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tion. Local necrosis similar to that caused b.v snake bite follo\('d in.jeetions
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substance of brain and terminate in the sinuses, opening into
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"Bordet : Traite de V Immunitg dans Ics maladies infectieuses, Masson & Co., Paris. 1920.
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the injection of the bacteria. Another one of the dogs, iu which the carbon
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sapotoxin solution required to give a minimal hemolysis reading 5 minutes. (1:13), time re-
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this laboratory on the rate of absorption of amboceptor by packed sheep-cells
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determinations upon positive cases of syphilis under a treatment of mercury
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Differentiate nitrates and nitrites. Mention two com=
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absorbed with the exception of nitrogen gas, which, passing to
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bloodvessels. Palpitation is caused b^' very slight exertion, or by
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serum which gives only 75 per cent inhibition with 1 c.c. complement dilution
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this statement wimM iiin'ly to lhi' powders made by tlie Just process from
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blood-cells, through the functional relations of that organ.
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through every period of the rright and dag. They work under great
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extract of gentian, given every hour until copious watery evacuations
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solved in one hundred grams of water, and twentj'-eight grams of sodium
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veloped diphtheria. By testing the otiier cliildren and adults the susee])tilile





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