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oils and fats M-hen their value as a source of vitamin A is being considered.

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The bark of the root is official as gossypii cortex, and the

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The fir-st indication is usually a hoarse metallic cough, fol-

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(a) Define fatty metamorphosis, (b) Give its termin=

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They do not oxidize in air or water; when properly alloyed

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Fig. 2 shows a moderate contraction of the bronchioles as indicated by the slio-ht

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respiratory center, the spinal cord and peripheral nerves and

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scription containing tincture of iron and salicylic acid would

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Pathology. — The pathological significance of morbid states of the

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They possess various medicinal virtues in accordance with

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How do styptics and hemostatics differ? Give an ex=

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Tubercular disease, disorganization of joint after pyemia

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Guy's Hospital by Dr. Wilks, only two instances were observed in

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ment might be brought about is at hand in the distribution of anthrax quite

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surgery still remains our main reliance in the fight against cancer we can

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filled all the important blood vessels in the heart and in the medulla, for the

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Monthlv Bulletin, Dept. of Health, City of New York, 1917, vii, 37.

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that the retina has become indurated and thickened by fatty and other deposits. In

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digital pressure or by the compression of a finger bandage

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If they are not m accordance with the specification previously adopted. Buildin«»

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Heat easily transforms it into tliiodiglycollie acid, which is a solid of unpleas-

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creases, the diastolic volume returns to normal and, as a result, systole again

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shall take place only with the joint approval of the Government and the trustees, and

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perhaps the number of unsuccessful cases hardly exceeds one or

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mined, or aroused to activitj' by the cortical and subcortical necroses pro-

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The cord is now held up out of the wound by a strip of sterile

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pressure on the left bronchus. There are, besides, all the

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