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Local Affections in connection with Gout, ....... 73
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What part of the cord is involved in locomotor ataxia?
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between the second and first sound. The first sound is due to
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by the absence of crepitus, and by the fact that the deformity
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and contiguous skinK Experiment I: a, subject moves, sighs, etc.; b, subject bared from waist up; ice
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leHowell: Harvey Lectures, Philadelphia, 1916-17, p. 289.
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on the date of the ordinary drawing provided by the prospectus.
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illness is greatest in the fan ventilated rooms, aithdugli the illness causing
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Ctowrnment of the Republic of China, on the one jpart, and Mesars. Pauling i Co.
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slowly extracted. And it may be further noted that the active principle of the
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antrum, hence, the motility of these two parts may be considered as constituting
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border to radial side of pisiform bone, where it divides into
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ment paper, set in a larger vessel containing distilled water.
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While the apparent connection of bronzing of the skin with lesions
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present study it has been shown that if normal mice are added from day to
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muscles, one-half inch nearer carpus than superficial arch.
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1. That a cholesterinized antigen is more sensitive than an acetone-in-
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Gluteus medius and minimus, pyriformis, obturator inter-
teva-levofloxacin 500 mg and alcohol
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This igRMiiiiiit n imii» si 'PbUng on fli« 'lOtli. dtaF' <if' tli» 13th Moon of the 33d
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and trophies. The border imitates a carved wooden frame.
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phoid material, which thickenings are known as ]\[ali>igliian
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spine of scapula; inser-tion, into i-ough. triangular' area on
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hastened into the acute stage, both by the duties of camp life, and the preva-
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Absolute rest in bed. Food and drink should be stopped.
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In ascites, if the patient be lying upon the back, the center
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Of this compound two large spoonfuls may be taken night and
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portance as a secondary invader in influenza, it must be regarded as a poten-
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cal means. Wrap it up in aseptic wool, apply external heat,
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In order to further test the eolorimetric method for morphine sulphate
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salt is very soluble in water ; as much as thirty milligrams of metallic platinum
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owing to the presence of purulent matter in the blood, notwithstand-
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case, the wound must be opened up, the bleeding vessel iso-





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