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after the paroxysm the elimination again increases (Paekes, 1. c).

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ing any influence on blood coagulation by most of these investigators, although

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ventricle contains colunuiag earneae, musculi papillares, chordae

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tissue undergoing disintegration, and another, variable in quantity,

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by l)l()ud, often with atrophy of the adjacent hepatic cells,

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on whether cycles are taken during the early or later stages of a change. It is

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institutions. To these were added a few cases luider the care of various physi-

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the blood in purpura are usually those of symptomatic ane-

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actions in many conditions other than syphilis. In carcinoma, for example, as

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is rich in lipoids and especially in nucleo-proteins and lecithin proteins, both

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on under surface of cerebrum, curves outward, upward and

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The onset is .sudden ; there is pain in the abdomen, which at

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supplies of vitamin A in the body fat when fed upon a diet containing ample

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have been so decided as not to be mistaken. I am quite certain

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observation in mind, it occurred to me that it would be of some practical

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SliSStX^Sffi^^ '* PITSt ^« ®«^«™»««t» having it in^iewto stoS

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as: shall be necessary for the 're<|ulremente of ttmffic.

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hyperglycemia in carcinoma eases, and that there is none in sarcoma cases.

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undergoes such changes as to present a non-fertile soil to the

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neath the eyes and of the cheeks has also much diminished. The face conse-

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hemorrhage in its power of impoverishing the red particles of the

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tion of a light colored precipitate which finally goes into solution. An excess

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on a set of blanks modified and enlarged by Dr. White from those originally

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mere local manifestations of a more general constitutional disor-

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Dr. John Eiman, pathologist to the Presbyterian Hospital of Philadeljihia,





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