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cases there may be headache, restlessness, and delirium, with a slow

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three, the disease is of the same nature in all, and this has been the

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the frontal bones and the margins of the orbits. The bones

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and in the asthenic forms, particularl}^ if the patient is anaemic, he

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may be taken as practically certain that very few children develop the first

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Malignant disease, either primary or extending from adja-

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These various bones are separated by sutures, as follows;

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be exercised lest deformity result from contraction. Such

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removed, and the body is carefully wrapped up in blankets, the

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logy of the University of Cincinnati School of Medicine, Cii

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Experiment A-. — il.M. thermopile on auterioi- half of soft palate. Skin thermopile on

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tent of the whole blood, others the content of the plasma or serum. Xormally

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by hemorrhage, pain, exposure to cold, mental distress and rough handling

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Mucor Corijtnhifcr. — Besson (previously ipioted, page fiT?) says: "It is

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Nations might do many things in order to improve the living conditions of

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guinea pigs, M-hich led him to introduce tuberculin. Briefly, these experi-

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containing imperfectly formed blood-vessels. Tissue may

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Here a similar preparation was used and the patient, a houseworker, sixty-

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vent action occurs more readily when the blood cells are removed from their

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Our investigations, based on 5,000 tests are recorded in this prelimmary


It contains 33 per cent, of mercury. Dose 1 to 20 grains.

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What therapeutic uses has chloroform other than as an

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ent with the constitutional origin of this disease, that an unusually

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erythrocytes per of the spinal fliiid, and in the following tubes 750,

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ducing without irritation copious semi-liquid stools. It does

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the observations of Sydenham, Craigie, Wm. Budd, Todd, and

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What are the causes of still=birth, and how should a





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