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Boric acid and glycerin. U. S. P. Glyceritum boroglycer-
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In chronic gout iodide of potassium, is a remedy of service, espe-
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These formalities complied with, the contract shall receive the seals of Their Excel-
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of thioglycollic acid is present. The solution becomes only slightly warm and
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The debility, the cold extremities, palpitation, dyspncea on exertion,
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this point is made zero. The boiling-point in the Fahrenheit
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the Deutach-Asiatische Bank and the Cliinese Central Kailways (Ltd.) will act as
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bromide. A reaction should take place, lasting for two or three hours. If
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ing out the sulphur and distilling over the mercury.
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it maintains the activity of the contractile tissues. Normal
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suddenly without apparent cause, or may be due to slight
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Into the electro-positive metals and the electro-negative
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although actively syphilitic shows a negative blood Wassermaun, is chronic
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(c) Tartaric acid, H2C4H4O6, found in vegetables and
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hy an affection of the joints, and especially of the first joint of the great toe
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Their Streptococcus pyogenes group (from the udder) were not so regular in
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transfusion of 600 c.e. of human blood (method not stated) the coagulation
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many persons and agencies. Foremost among those to whom the
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bicarbonate of potash is added, light puddings, to which sherry or
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per cent of the sugar has been added. In both these cases sterilization has
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In ascites the abdomen flattens and the flanks bulge when the
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limb to limb, and produce more or less temporary stiffness. It has
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the application of radium itself. Tliis method is only available when you
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of the Wassermann test as positive, doubtful and negative. Other laboratories
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called fissure for gall-bladder; fundus projects beyond ante-
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creased elimination of urea even in the absence of a nitro-
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taining fat. is supjilitMl by renal artery, and di-ained by renal
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heart played an important part in this lowering of the arterial tension. Fig. 3
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being the product of an inflammation which has united them to the
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all the way from the trachea to the smallest bronchi, and many of them
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Bv E. D. Kremers, Major, M. C, U. S. A., Chief of Medical Service,
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called fissure for gall-bladder; fundus projects beyond ante-
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and the amount of their eakries, etc., shall be paid out of the general accounts of the





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