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used as an ad.junct to restorative remedies. Iron, the chief
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and so violent as to have been compared to stabbing with a knife.
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Chamberlain of Charles VIII, and his wife, Catherine Brifonnet,
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Describe the phenomena of (a) asphyxia, (b) syncope,
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under a good hood. After ten minutes, with fi'equent shaking, the contents
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year of the Republic of China, being the 25th day of July, 1914, and the cont rafting
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vides the tendon of the triceps longitudinally. The tendon
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constipation, following the ingestion of lead is of central origin. And the
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transfusion. There was no marked change in the blood found to corre.spond
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The mysterious Y's which appear here and in several other panels
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Treatment. — In the absence of any specific treatment for infectious endocarditis, symp-
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thermoiiile terminals. The terminals, although insulated with shellac as de-
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