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bell the more accurate the reading. The bell of this apparatus is 100 cm. in

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nine from cinchona bark; cocaine from erythroxylon coca;

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fissure. It supplies motor filaments to the superior, internal,

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lime of beginning anti'al contractions. Some time before the antrum enters upon

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York State in 1909 and 1910,* 60 deaths were certified from lead poisoning.

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but still attached and quite fii'm. This condition became gradually less marked

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Iodine is prepared by heating a mixture of sodium iodide,

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and see that it gets milk and not air. Watch stools for evi-

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are sometimes found in healthy individuals. Granular casts

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When the disease prevailed very generally in the Carnatic, in

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Enumerate the diagnostic points in intussusception.

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was due to a mechanical shifting of the blood from the venous to the arterial

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of the tiiird year of the Republic of China, being the 25th day of July, nineteen

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symptoms are fixing of the eyes, tonic contraction of the facial

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The French school was the first to emphasize the importance of the reten-

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Narcotics are agents which lessen pain and produce sleep

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Describe the therapeutic applications of sulphate of

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infer that he arrived at this conclusion by making quantitative Wassermann

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placed 120 em. al)ove the animal. Three experiments typical of all were selected

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time was noi-mal, but in three days it was 60 minutes and in five days 100 min-

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he was the first to show that these phenomena were new to science,





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