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wide variations. Resistance of the red cells to anisotonic salt solutions is
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flabby, but it is nearly always perfectly healthy. Many indi-
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sulphate in the attempt to prepare the thioglycollie acid salt. As in the case
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herpes zoster. The process is acute and self-limited. Mild
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ing the alteration of heart rate the duration of diastole is affected first. How-
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metacarpals; scaphoid and semilunar articulate with radias;
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WITH the lapse of time since the 1918 influenza epidemic we find pro-
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headaches or other general pains. There was an associated leucopenia. As
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Journal; (2.) A review of Virchow's Handbook q/ Pathology/, in the
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paroxysmal hemoglobinuria — there is apparently no change in the osmotic
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only feeble convection currents; third, the humidity rises (both relative and
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necessary the government, should make radium available for cancer treatment
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effort to find the relationship betAveen the smooth-muscle stimulating and
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aud produced in China are to have a preference at eq'ual price and quality 'At e-inl
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itself or to outside stimulation from its nerve supply or from any of the other
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sons of abstemious habits may be martyrs to a disease which is
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a cylindrical glass jar completely full of water and invert
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acid salt retains its canary yellow a]ipearance even after long standing. The
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The asearis was found, in addition to the case mentioned, in a man of
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decreases clotting time especially if moderately severe — 13 per cent of the cir-
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matioii wlic'ii liraled to siirli t cnipcral urcs as those indicated. Tills analysis
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188-191. THE FOUR elements: Earth, Air, Water, Fire. Designed
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Wassermann sets are undergoing fi.xation in the ice box or water-bath. During
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period of time, and during inspiration, the valve (H) is quickly turned cutting
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Add hydrochloric acid to potassium cyanide and obtain
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lu this series the Hecht-Gradwohl test, using the plain antigen, helped to
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NH3, is shown in the manner of formation of its compounds,
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praved condition of metabolism called cachexia strumipriva.
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V2 C-C. of adrenalin was finally given. Tiiis produced an immediate and com-
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disease among them is much .smaller than among the whites. Furthermore, he
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"It is not surprising that when radium first made its appearance over-
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rapidity or hardness of the pulse; and I would add, a normal tem-
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left hand record shows a contraction of the bronchioles produced by the intra-





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