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MaeCallum: Textbrok of Pathology, Philadelphia, 1920, W. B. Saunders Co., p. 386.

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phagia, nausea, vomiting, pallor, shock, delirium or stupor.

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Urea, CO (NIL) 2, the great nitrogenous waste, is a crystal-

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parts, the structures are gradually separated from the inter-

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168. FIRE, WINE, AND FREEDOM. Designed by Jean Lurfat; woven

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found that systole is prolonged in man at the beginning of exercise before the

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snaU not receive a commission. Upon the completion of the building of the road

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being so enervated by the weakness of the body as to be disordered

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"une malade imaginaire." The patient remarried, with medical sanction,

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Question: To what extent should a positive Wassermann be relied upon

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glass tube and heated to redness — the hydrogen will enter

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method of "massive doses" involves the administration of a maximum dose

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investigation, but there is every indication that a room temperature extraction

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groups. In 1910, W. L. Moss (JoJms Hopkins Hospital Bulletin, 1910, xxi, 63)

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useful. The entire treatment should be directed to the pre-

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Inflammation of the Heart — Carditis vel Myocarditis, .... 633

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injection of saponin results in a terrific destruction of the red blood cells and

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Type C. This is the result after combining all records and disregarding in

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Differentiate aortic stenosis and aortic insufficiency.

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