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State the conditions compelling artificial feeding, and
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What are the pathognomonic symptoms of incipient tu-
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must be avoided; but wines of the Rhine vintages may be taken,
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stated, these syiiii)tiims wi'Vi' not iiroduced by filtrates and th(\v were uot
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effects are largely due to carbon monoxide present.
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State the period of incubation in (a) vaccinia; (b) paro-
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anxious to use a polyvalent serum. Also, to require a case to wait from eight to
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PLi:\OIER' observed four young pigs presenting tlie following symptoms:
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boixier of sternum) ; is nearly three inches long and termin-
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toxin intradermally on the flexor surface of the right forearm about 2.5 inches
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of calomel. The fever should be treated by cold applications
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dible, and in the neck of tlie femui-. In walls of arteries and
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..Microscopical of Group 2 (b): In this group of arteriosclerotic kidneys
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possible," says Dr. Chambers, " to make too much of the vahie of
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Bushnell is quite certain that tuljereulized races acquire a certain degree of
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railway itself as and when constructed and on the revenue of all descriptions derivable
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X = tlir reailiiig (if tlio tiilic ciiiit;uiun)i tlio iiiiluuiuii ;
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degeneration of the superficial layers of the mucosa.
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is of great benefit in dyspepsia, the diarrheas of children,
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Is made up of fibro-cartilage ; constitutes about i/4 of the
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were the most frequent. The intense meningeal and cortical edema and conges-
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in the red cell count from undetermined and various causes. The average re-
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of more than 50 per cent of cases. It is difficult to obtain similar data in
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caseinogen is changed into casein by the rennin, and then





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