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6 and 7. Stimulation of the itodcZ,, All c rvi J.-r, ^ I- '" ,•"','"■""'"■ ^- Sti»".latio„ above sphincter.

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Saint Germain, and the Galeries du Louvre during the first half of

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densis, a liquid oleorsin obtained from Abies balsamje, the

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ral tuberculosis has Dr. Wilks ever met with an instance where

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Technic : Skin carefully cleansed. Light local anesthesia.

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tively, thus giving rise to a high or low so-called "color index," the hemo-

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upon the sound shoulder. tremity upon the sound shoulder.

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The Practical Book of Tapestries. Philadelphia and London, 1925

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mineral constituent present is potassium phosphate.

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always indurated (cartilaginous or parchment-like), the in-

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Entered at the Post Office at St. Louis, Mo., as Second-Class Matter

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strated a resistance of 1:10,500; an increase of 3,437 points above the normal

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this relation it is interesting to note that the pressure of carbon dioxide

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Colicky abdominal pain, vomiting, tenesmus, the passage

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death ensues, several organs, tissues, or apparatus, not necessarily

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free from serum; and after the fourth, or final wa.shing, they are packed

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eral series of guinea pigs treated with sodium bicarbonate. Of fourteen

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intravenously at three day intervals. When egg albumen was used, each animal

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the methylene blue in the milk cultures does not seem to be clearly understood.

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determined in doubtful cases with the aid of a microscope. Where hemolysis and

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wherever it is applied. It has a vesicant action on the skin,

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extensively patronized weavers of Brussels. As a result, French


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Name the principal operations for stone in the bladder.

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disregard which follows too complete dependence on the laboratory. So as

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of caseinogen (curd). As a result of further decomposition

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cussion in the second stage with bronchial breathing, and the

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tortion of llic aricfiolcs is si ill preserved and may serve as a siun appai'cntly

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the prepartum period and 937 points above the average normal. The average

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A retrogressive process in which, by the action of fibrin

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destroyed. In affections of the knee the patella is often more or

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1699 by Jules Hardouin Mansart, the king's architect, for a series





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